6 x RX 570 4GB Rig – 160 M/Hash or 1600 Sols/s

R51,999.00 R39,999.00

The rig is build per order.

The parts will vary depending on the stock available


GPU: 6 x RX570 4GB (Bios will be modded)

Motherboard: Biostar  TB250

CPU: Intel G3930


SSD and OS: 64GB or 120GB (Windows trial or registered ethOS)

Frame: Aluminium

PSU: 1200 or 1300W Platinum/Gold rated.

Risers: 6 x USB SATA Powered 1x to 16x riser

NOTE: The parts are chosen based on availability of parts and no preference is given to any brand name.

All parts are new and hold their individual manufacturers warranty




Stock available at supplier

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 NOTE: Due to the increase in difficulty 4GB GPU’s will soon not be able to mine ETHEREUM effectively and the hashrate of the 4GB GPU’s may drop.

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