Dedicated Desktop – Build your own! Just add 2 GPU cards!


Dedicated Mining Desktop @ 300watt

+- 56-58M/hash ETH

+- 1600 h/sec XMR


  • No need for Risers, GPUs slots directly onto the motherboard which increases stability
  • Closed case with fans for cooling limiting exposure to dust and enviroment
  • Less noise due to desktop case design
  • Easy to upgrade or swop out Graphics cards for future expansion
  • Upgrade mining farm by adding another full unit at roughly same base price
  • Looks and feel like a normal Desktop Computer but built for Mining Crypto.

Each rig comes with: 

  • Desktop Case + 2 x Cooling fans
  • 450-550watt PSU
  • Celeron CPU with SLI/Crossfire Motherboard and 4GB Ram
  • 16 GB USB drive with ETHOS or Perfectmine Mining OS



Stock available at supplier





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