RX470/570 GPU – Hosted in our farm




  1. You are purchasing a RX470/570 GPU in our farm
  2. You will receive payouts in ETHEREUM or BITCOIN at the end of every Month for the PROFIT Mined (Profit = Total mined – Costs)
  3. Costs are calculated by deducting electricity @ R1.6 p/Kwh and a charge of R30 per GPU Token per Month to cover management, upkeep, insurance, and all other related running costs.
  4. You may redeem your GPU at any time with 10 days working notice. Flat rate of R150 is charge for shipping to your door.
  5. GPUs are sold with a 12-18 month warranty against technical faults
  6. The farm will be TURNED OFF if the electricity consumption outweighs the PROFIT for 60 consecutive days.
  7. After this time you may contact us to redeem your GPU or wait with us for the Mining conditions to change so we can turn on again.
  8. Your purchased GPU is yours and failure out of warranty will not be covered.
  9. Faulty units will be taken out of the farm and shipped back to their owners.



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